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Box of LOVE YOU & HUG YOU Hearts

Box of LOVE YOU & HUG YOU Hearts

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Handmade Valentine Peanut Butter Dog treat Biscuits. These hearts come with LOVE YOU & HUG YOU on them. They are a little bit bigger than our Mini hearts. They come with the perfect crunchy texture that your Dog will love.  These Dog Treats come in Peanut Butter or Peanut Butter & Strawberry. This Valentine's day, share the love with our Doggie friends.

🐾 Gluten-Free Dog treats every time.
🐾 Baked fresh with no nasties or preservatives. But still last up to 3 months.
🐾 Made with only natural and organic ingredients.
🐾 No preservatives or nasties.
🐾 Great texture providing an crunch.
🐾 Suitable for puppies.

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