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Small Cookie Dog Box (Peanut Butter)

Small Cookie Dog Box (Peanut Butter)

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🥜🐾 Peanut Butter Cookies🥜🐾

Our new Peanut Butter Cookies in a box. Here you will receive 12 medium sized biscuits. These are packed with even more flavour from 0% Palm Oil. If you would prefer a smaller option, we sell these in bags where you receive 100g of cookies.

As with all of our Dog treats; here's the important stuff.

🐾 100% Grain & Gluten-Free
🐾 Baked fresh with no nasties.
🐾 Made with only natural and organic ingredients
🐾 No preservatives or nasties
🐾 Great texture providing an crunch
🐾 Suitable for puppies
🐾 Approved and Registered to make animal feed (GB8560501)
🐾 Insured to sell and make animal feed in the United Kingdom.
🐾 Please check where your buying your handmake treats from.

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